Why Study Abroad

Studying abroad opens a wide range of opportunities for aspiring students, in different countries. Gone are the times when we look for the best colleges in your interested domain in India, now we look to study in the best institutes in the world, that offers world class facilities. With such opportunities now available, aspiring students now have dreams bigger than ever before. The career and personal vision of each student has transcended to the highest level of success humanity has ever achieved. In the long journey ahead of you in life, Acadewe understands the importance and ensure that the first step that you take is rock solid.

Why Choose UK ?

The UK is a multicultural country that is immensely popular and the second most preferred destination for international students in the world. The education system in the UK is one of the best in the world.

Here are a few reasons to study in the UK :

  • Flexible courses
  • Work While you learn
  • International students are welcomed
  • High-quality education
  • IELTS not mandatory
education system in the UK is one of the best in the world
Italy is another popular destination for international students

Why Choose Italy?

Italy is another popular destination for international students for their further education. The fee and living expenses in Italy is very affordable. Most of the colleges in Italy provide their classes in English which makes it a popular destination for students.

Here are a few reasons to study in the Italy :

  • Low fees and expenses
  • Study and work-life balance
  • A unique culture and cuisine
  • Student-friendly country
  • Wide range of courses in English

Study in India

Currently, It has become a cumbersome task for students looking for higher education within India itself. Apart from the leading institutions like IIT's, AIMS, JIPMER, and NIT's, all students are not able to get information and join the other top institutions of the country. Acadewe offers several services for students looking for admissions to colleges across several cities in India.

We offer the following services that ensures that you are getting the best college: -

bangalore university
Coimbatore University
Mysore University
Mangalore University

Our Features

Our services and features are designed to deliver and match your expectations. We provide personalized services to ensure that you have the best experience. Our unmatched services and features along with several free services makes us one of the best education consultant. Every aspiring student that takes our services will be offered the following services: -

We provide University Assistance

University assistance

Providing Child and Dependent Visa

Child and dependent visa

Part Time Job Assistance

Part-time job assistance

Bank Loan Assistance

Bank loan assistance

Career Growth Assistance

Career Growth

Provide Any Time Helpdesk

Any time help desk


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About Us

Acadewe provides end-to-end education consulting services to leading Indian and overseas educational institutes. We are a one-stop solution that guides students along with every obstacle that they may face while obtaining admission in their desired area of interest. We utilize all the platforms and resources and ensure that our students are getting a seamless experience during this process.

We have partnered with leading institutes in India, the UK, and Italy that offers world-class education to guarantee success in your education and career. We assist students at each step of their journey from obtaining information to visa processing, travel, and beyond.